Thursday, 31 October 2019

Creationist were right on the causes to build proteins

Image courtesy of Aza Toth, public domain.

Joel Kontinen

Life uses a common set of 20 coded amino acids (CAAs) to construct proteins. This set was likely canonicalized during early evolution; before this, smaller amino acid sets were gradually expanded as new synthetic, proofreading and coding mechanisms became biologically available.

The expression, likely canonised during early evolution,is evolution speak. That is, it is not possible to make it any stronger.

This study showed that in silico hypothetical CAA sets of 3–19 amino acids comprised of 1913 structurally diverse α-amino acids, exploring the adaptive value of their combined physicochemical properties relative to those of the modern CAA set.

Thus, life came about because it was intelligently designed by God.


Ilardo, Mwlisssa et al. Adaptive Properties of the Genetically Encoded Amino Acid Alphabet Are Inherited from Its Subsets. Scientific Reports 9, Article number: 12468 (2019).

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Neandertals Visited Naxos, Greece, By Boat

Image courtesy of Tango 7174, CC BY-SA 4.

Joel Kontinen

Humans were visiting some Greek Islands earlier that what we knew. A study, published in Science Advances, is based on years of excavations and it challenges current thinking about human movement in the region. They found about 9,000 artefacts, including Mousterian products.

This all happen way back when the Neanderthals and earlier humans (this is, Homo erectus) where the only humans around, according to evolution.

We already know that Neanderthals were fully human. they built their culture in the same way we do, we belief that they lived in Europe after the flood of Noah’s days. Thus this study with their artefacts made in 13,000 to 200,000 years ago were made by humans. And Naxos from where they found these was roughly hundreds of kilometres from the shores. They had to come by boats.

"The new evidence is leading researchers to reconsider the routes our early ancestors took as they moved out of Africa into Europe and demonstrates their ability to adapt to new environmental challenges."

The out of Africa thing is an old Darwinian rule than has not withstood the times. Along with millions of years, it has gone bust. We know that God created man in the Near East.


Carter, Tristan et al. 2019. Earliest occupation of the Central Aegean (Naxos), Greece: Implications for hominin and Homo sapiens’ behavior and dispersals. Science Advances (16 October). 5, 10, eaax0997DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax0997.

McMaster University. 2019. Scientists find early humans moved through Mediterranean earlier than believed. Science Daily (16 October).

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Alarmist Want to Cut Nitrogen Pollution

Testing of nitrogen flux measurement methods over rice in Odisha, India. Image courtesy of Mark Sutton, Fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

Nitrogen, which consist of 78 of the air that we breath, can be a toxic pollution.

Nitrous through its many forms, such as "ammonia, nitrogen dioxide oxide (that is 300 time more powerful than having carbon dioxide), and nitrate. it is polluting our air, soil and water, posing a threat to human health, biodiversity, economies and livelihoods."

They hope tackle the widespread harm it is causing to humans, wildlife and the planet.

Now, 150 top international scientists are calling for a curb to nitrogen pollution, “to tackle the widespread harm it is causing to humans, wildlife and the planet.

They hope to tackle the nitrogen problem which is more than a carbon problem.

We don’t have Greta Thunberg, who warns us of nitrogen’s ill effects. Yet,” Nitrogen losses in UK are estimated at 1.4 million tonnes a year, at a market cost of US $1.4 billion, globally this amounts to 200 million tonnes a year at cost of US $200 billion,”. "80 per cent of nitrogen used by humans—including through crop, meat and dairy production, as well as via transport, energy, industrial and wastewater processes—is wasted and enters the environment as pollution."

The experts want to cut the use of nitrogen pollutants by 2030. God has given us nitrogen. However, we have misused it, as we have also misused some other substances with which we are blessed.


Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. 2019. We must wake up to devastating impact of nitrogen, say scientists. 2019. (23 October).

Friday, 25 October 2019

The Aye -Aye Have Extra Thumbs

Image courtesy of Nomis-simon, CC BY 2.0.

Joel Kontinen

The aye-aye. a monkey living in Madagascar, have a strange extra thumb.

Says Adam Hartstone-Rose, an associate professor of biological sciences at North Carolina State University (NCSU); "The species has so many features that are unique among primates — ever-growing incisors, their specialized fingers, and huge ears — and their pseudothumb is yet more more evidence of this."

The extra thumb helps them to tap into tree branches to find what’s inside of them, helping them to taste the find the taste grub inside of them.

It is not a thumb that has accidentally grown so long. it speaks of intelligent design.


Weisberger, Mindy. 2019. 'Cursed' Primate Weirdos Have Extra Thumbs. Scientists Didn't Know About Them Until Now. Live Science (21 Oxtober).

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

A “Lost” Street Built by Pontius Pilate Found In Jerusalem

Image courtesy of Shutterstock, fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

A street build by Pontius Pilate needed 10,000 tons of cement to build it. Archaeologists have now found a street 600 meters long (2,000-foot) street, that “would have connected the Siloam Pool — a place where pilgrims could stop to bathe and get fresh water — to the Temple Mount.”

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University dug under the current streets to come up with the street Pilate built. They also found They found dozens of coins, with the most recent dating back to A.D. 30/31, a time when historical records show that Pontius Pilate was prefect of Judea.

All archaeologists think that the street was built by Pilate.


Jarus, Owen. 2019. Archaeologists Identify 'Lost' Jerusalem Street Built by Pontius Pilate — the Man Who Condemned Jesus to Death. Live Science (22 October).

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Why Don’t Mountains Grow Taller Than Mount Everest?

Image courtesy of Pavel Novak, CC BY-SA 2.

Joel Kontinen:

Why don-t mountains on Earth grow taller than Mount Everest? According to Life Science, there are two factors:

As Nadine McQuarrie, a professor in the department of geology and environmental science at the University of Pittsburg says, the first is gravity. That is, it can only grow to 8,840 meters (29,029 feet ) above sea level. Mmountains of mars can grow much taller. “Within Mars' Olympus Mons, the tallest known volcano in the solar system, extends 82,020 feet (25,000 m) high, nearly three times taller than Mount Everest”, she says.

The second factor is rivers: they erode material, so that the height of Everest is the limit.

What she hasn’t noticed: The flood of Noah’s day brought the uplift that Mars didn.t have, It brought the rise of mountains, that secular science can’t tell.


5aplakoglu, Yasemin. 2019.Why Don't Mountains Grow Forever? Live Science (19. October).

Friday, 18 October 2019

Sea Cucumber Help to Protect the Coral Reefs

Image courtesy of Leonard Low, CC BY 2.0.

Joel Kontinen

A sea cucumber looks a bit like a is an invertebrate, living on the seafloor. there are 1,250 of them. they measure some 1.9 centimetres or three-quarters of an inch to 1.8 metres or 6 feet long.

They have “ five rows of tiny feet that run lengthwise down their bodies, from mouth to anus.” and can live on “pieces of algae and marine creatures”.

They can digest sand and , “sea cucumbers excrete byproducts that benefit ocean ecosystems, particularly coral reefs,” and as their products a relatively high (or basic) pH, which means the water surrounding sea cucumber habitats is somewhat protected from ocean acidification. Sea cucumbers also excrete calcium carbonate, which is a primary ingredient in coral formation, and ammonia, which acts as a fertilizer and promotes coral growth

So, we see that God has created the animals to care for nature.


Ross, Rachel. 2019. What Is a Sea Cucumber? Live Science. (16 October).

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Computers Will Never Be Truly Conscious, Says Professor

Image courtesy of Jared C. Benedict, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Joel Kontinen

Some Artificial intelligent folks are saying that we will soon give way to computers who will say what’s best for us.

However, a professor in of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oklahoma State University says that will not certainly happen, Subhash Kak says that computers can never be truly conscious.

While firms such as Microsoft have spent or are spending 1 million dollars on project to make computers faster, they have never even come close to having a supercomputer with brains. All such attempts, both by European and US, have failed entirely.

Professor Kak says that our brains are far different to those in computers, In particular, “A conscious person is aware of what they're thinking, and has the ability to stop thinking about one thing and start thinking about another — no matter where they were in the initial train of thought. But that's impossible for a computer to do.”

Thus, he says that the human brain is too much for those having a go at artificial intelligence.


Kak, Subhash, 2019. Why Computers Will Never Be Truly Conscious. Live Science (16 October),

Monday, 14 October 2019

Bones Filled with Marrow Served as Prehistoric Humans' 'Cans of Soup'

Image courtesy of Dr. Ruth Blasco/AFTAU.

Joel Kontinen

Eating a can or tin of meat isn’t as new as we would subject. When people were assumed to be hunter-gatherers, they did not just eat what they caught, they also reserved some of it for later use.

In a cave in Israel, thought to be at least 400,000 years old, the humans stored “bones packed with fat and tasty, nutrient-rich marrow to crack open and eat later.”

The dates in this context are all wrong.

They “stored bones packed with fat and tasty, nutrient-rich marrow to crack open and eat later.”

The bones were usual as cans, for later use.

The findings were posted in October 9th in the journal Science Advances.


Weisberger, Mindy. 2019, Bones Filled with Marrow Served as Prehistoric Humans' 'Cans of Soup' Live Science (11 October).

Saturday, 12 October 2019

The Golden Ratio in Human Skulls

The Golden Ratio is shown in this picture. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, public domain.

Joel Kontinen

The golden ratio is supposedly hidden in every beautiful site, from a snail's shell to Greece's Parthenon and Egypt's pyramids, it's perhaps not surprising that humans have long tried to link it to - humans.

Now, however, Dr. Rafael Tamargo, professor of neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and his colleague Dr. Jonathan Pindrik, a neurosurgeon at Nationwide Children's Hospital and an assistant professor of neurological surgery at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, decided to look into humans.

Nonetheless, anatomists were not pleased with the results, published in the findings were published September 1 in The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. They said that the results wanted to make humans special, unlike their hairy cousins.

But humans are special – created by God in the beginning.


Saplakoglu. Yasemin. 2019.The Human Skull Obeys the 'Golden Ratio,' Study Suggests. Anatomists Say That's Ridiculous. Live Science (11 October).

Thursday, 10 October 2019

'Mold Pigs' Are the New Micro-Beast in Town

Image courtesy of George Poinar Jr, Fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

Tardigrades were the smallest animals yet to be found, but Geogge Poinar jr, and electron-microscopist Roberta Hess (who happens to be Poinar’s wife), captured these small 100 micrometres or 0.003 inches long individuals, found in the Dominican republic, as their name Sialomorpha dominicana suggests.

They we found in amber and are supposed to be “ "30 million years old.”

Although the mold pigs resemble the tardigrades, They are their own species.

He and Diane Nelson described their discovery in a paper published on September 28 in the journal Invertebrate Biology.

The discovery speaks of God's guidance in
creating the world.


Lanese, Nicoletta. 2019, Move Over, Tardigrades — 'Mold Pigs' Are the New Micro-Beast in Town. Live Science (9.10.).

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Archaeologists Find Old City Near Tel Aviv

Image courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

Israeli Archaeologists have discovered a lost city north of Tel Aviv, This large with approximately 6,000 inhabitants city is from 5,000 years back.

It’s been called the "early Bronze Age New York.” It confirms the Geneses account of creation, where men lived in “tents and raised livestock. His brother’s name was Jubal; he was the father of all who play stringed instruments and pipes. Zillah also had a son, Tubal-Cain, who forged all kinds of tools out of[g] bronze and iron”, as Genesis 4: 20 – 22 (NIV) tells us.

The city's intricate design of residential and public areas, streets and alleys points to the organized society.”


Saplakoglu, Yasemin. 2019. Ancient Megalopolis Uncovered in Israel Was the 'New York City' of Its Time Period. Live Science (7 October).

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Tardigrades Use Intelligent Design Feature

Image courtesy of Scuttleshock, fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

Tardigrades have the so-called damage-suppressor protein, or Dsup, which is a protein that keeps them from exposure to freezing cold, broiling heat, and the vacuum and lethal radiation of space.

"We thought this fascinating protein in an extreme organism might tell us something new that we wouldn't get from regular proteins," said study co-author James Kadonaga, a professor with the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of California, San Diego."

This is an intelligent design evidence. It can be used for better long-lived cells to protect people in many ways, protecting them from DNA damage.

The study was published on October 1 in the journal eLife.


Weisberger, Mindy, 2019. 'Damage Suppressor' Protein Protects Adorable Tardigrades ... and Human Cells, Too. Live Science (3 October).

Friday, 4 October 2019

Ground Squirrels Keep Their Blood Levels Low

Ground squirrels also live in Fuerteventura, Spain.

Joel Kontinen

Squirrels seem to remember where they buried their nuts.

Now, scientist have made an interesting discovery of squirrels. While most squirrels don’t hibernate, they spend their day of cold days in their nest.

However, in particular the “13-lined ground squirrel (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus), whose heart rate, metabolism, and body temperature dramatically plummet during their long rest—similar to bears, woodchucks, and other hibernating animals.

This is in keeping with the laws of nature, they accept intelligent design for their task of getting through winter.

In a study published in Current Biology, scientists measured the “blood fluid, or serum, of dozens of squirrels. the squirrels seemed to regulate their blood concentration, to keep it low by removing electrolytes like sodium and other chemicals like glucose and urea and storing them elsewhere in the body (possibly in the bladder).”


Frederhick, Eva, 2019, Here’s how hibernating squirrels live for months without water. (1 October).

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Giant Planet Around Tiny Star 'Should Not Exist'

University of Bern, Fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

A planet that circles around a sun should not exists, say astronomers who reported on it in the journal Science. The planet, called GJ 3512b, orbits its Sun at 31 light years away from us.

It is a Jupiter-like world the most circles a M-type red dwarf, Oddball solar system throws planet formation theories into question. the most common type in our galaxy. the planet orbits its Sun closer that mercury our Sun. However, there it is also orbited by a planet that moves around it at a distance of 3.8 years or so, is the size of a half a Saturn.

Ssays Sid Perkins in Science, “For a solar system that contains such a small parent star, these large, gassy orbs probably didn’t gradually grow around rocky cores like those in our solar system, because that process would have been so slow that much of the gas now part of the planets would have instead escaped into interstellar space."

So the planet that should not exists, continues to exist – to the consternation of secular astronomers.

The Earth is a very unique planet, created to be lived by men.


Perkins, Sid. 2019. Oddball solar system throws planet formation theories into question. science (26 September).

Rincon, Paul, 2019. Giant planet around tiny star 'should not exist'. BBC News website (27 September).