Friday 12 July 2024

What is the oldest tree in Australia`?


Joel Kontinen

Some scientist are saying that it has to do with trees that are from the with for Gondwana era.   

“Researchers in Australia are building a "living seed bank" to protect the continent’s last-remaining fragments of rainforest from climate change.”

They also have the living fossil that has not be able to see for 66 million years, that died with the what evolutionists call The dinosaurs.

The trees the researchers are building can  grow to 50 metres in height


Emma Bryce 2024, Rainforest of super trees descended from lost supercontinent Gondwana being created in Australia | Live Science 10 July.

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Eye-ball planet is habitable?


Image courtesy of Benoit Gougeon, Universite de Montreal.

Joel Kontinen

NASA scientist say that an exoplanet might have an illiquid ocean and be habitable.

“The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has found that a distant world. Scientists thought it was discovered several years ago could be an "eyeball" planet with iris-like ocean surrounded by a sea of solid ice — making it a candidate for a potentially habitable world. “

The exoplanet is called LHS-1140b and it is about 50 light years from us, It is 1.73 times our planet, Scientist say that it was a mini-Neptune. but now they say that it would potentially support live.

This exoplanet is situated in the "Goldilocks zone” which make it possible for live. But live can only came with intelligence that this planet does not have.


Ben Turner, 2024. 'Eyeball' planet spied by James Webb telescope might be habitable ( 10 July

Monday 8 July 2024

3D-printed egg shells can help bones regrow


Image courtesy of Gulden Camci-Unal et al. © 2024 American Chemical Society

Joel Kontinen

Crushed chicken egg shells have been turned into a structure that supports bone growth in the laboratory.

Egg shells could be used to help grow human bone fragments to repair broken or chipped bones.

What could egg shells do to a human body? They contain fragments that can instruct the bones to grow.

“Bones grow inside the body on a kind of scaffold called the extracellular matrix, which helps guide and feed bone-growing cells. ArtificEgg shells could be used to help grow human bone fragments to repair broken or chipped bones.

Bones grow inside the body on a kind of scaffold called the extracellular matrix, which helps guide and feed bone-growing cells. 

Artificial scaffolds can be used to grow pieces of bone outside the body, which are then surgically implanted to repair broken bones, but these don’t always work well and can lead to complications.

This is what God has given to us. It is intelligent design that can make bones grow.


Alex Wilkins2024. 3D-printed egg shells can help bones regrow | New Scientist 5 July 

Friday 5 July 2024

Can animals perform surgical amputations?


Image courtesy of Waffa/Shutterstock

Can animals perform surgical amputations? The seems that they could not. But now a study shows that they could. Surprising tactic may be way to prevent entire colony from being infected by bacteria.

In his 11 years studying ant behavior, biologist Erik Frank had never seen anything like it. He and his colleagues at the University of Würzburg brought Florida carpenter ants back to their lab in Germany to learn how they respond to injury. Most ant species treat thte injured or severed limb of a comrade by coating it with an antimicrobial goo. But the reddish-brown carpenter ants took a different tack: They bit the remainder of he limb off, effectively amputating it.”

God has rewarded the ants with intelligence design, which makes them  do things other animals could not.


HUMBERTO BASILIO , 2024, Ants may be the only animal that performs surgical amputations Science 2 July 

Wednesday 3 July 2024

When did humans start wearing shoes?


Ancient sandals woven out of sagebrush bark from Fort Rock Cave in Oregon, which are on display at the Oregon Historical Society Museum. 

Image courtesy of Ian Poellet, CC BY-SA 4.0. Oregon Historical Society

Joel Kontinen

“Scientists have discovered many ancient shoes around the world, including 5,500-year-old leather shoes in Armenia, 6,200-year-old grass sandals in Spain, and footwear as old as 8,300 years old in Missouri.”

So the question is: When did humans invent shoes?

“There may be evidence that humans invented shoes much, much earlier. Fossil tracks on a beach in South Africa may be shoe prints dating back up to 150,000 years, according to a 2023 study. ."

According to Genesis, mankind invented cities andmusic instruments very early, so why not shoes?


Charles Q. Choi 2024. When did humans start wearing shoes? | Live Science 2.July

Sunday 30 June 2024

Human ancestor 'Lucy' was hairless, new research suggests.


Joel Kontinen

Some evolutionists propose that Lucy was hairy, but new research supposes that she was not.

They say that Lucy was the mother of us all. This supposedly 3,2 million year old fossil belonging to the genus of Australopithecus afarensis.

”Popular renderings dress her in thick, reddish-brown fur, with her face, hands, feet and breasts peeking out of denser thickets. ”This might be wrong, hairy picture of Lucy, it turns out. ”

For evolutionist, this posed the question of why they left being nude, clothes became the norm.

Lucy was an ape. For creationist, God made humans to lose their nudity in Genesis 3 after the fallof mankind.   


Stacy Keltner 2024 Human ancestor 'Lucy' was hairless, new research suggests. Here's why that matters. | Live Science 23. June

Friday 28 June 2024

Phobos was once a space rock that Mars captured


Image courtesy of NASA.  

Joel Kontinen

“NASA has posted a stunning photo of a "space potato"— but it is actually Phobos, the Martian moon that is locked on a slow collision course with the Red Planet.

The space agency imaged the lumpy, starchy-looking moon using the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been studying the Red Planet since arriving in its orbit in 2006.

Phobos, named after the Greek god of fear, is roughly 157 times smaller than Earth's moon and is one of Mars' two natural satellites, alongside the even smaller Deimos, whose name comes from the Greek god of dread. “

The present survey rests on Mars and its moons being formed millions of years ago,

Scientists, who believe in evolution say that that the ””moons were once roaming rocks and were snared into Mars' orbit by the planet's gravitational field. A recent image analysis of Phobos' craggy yet highly reflective surface suggested the moon was once a comet and came from the asteroid belt located between the Red Planet and Jupiter.”

Those sounds like science fiction, relying on moon or planet they and  we could not see.


 Ben Turner, '2024. 'Space potato' spotted by NASA Mars satellite is actually something much cooler ( 26 June