Sunday, 28 October 2018

New Darwinian Story: Waves Could Have Spurned the Evolution of Backbones

Image courtesy of Nobumichi Tamura.

Joel Kontinen

A new Scientist Story says that new Darwinian analysis suggests vertebrate animals evolved in shallow waters.

What does this rely on?

Nothing. It relies on the assumption that backbones “are thought to have begun to diversify around 480 million years ago, splitting into groups that would become jawless fish (like lampreys), cartilaginous fish (including sharks), and a lineage that includes bony fish (such as salmon),” which lead to man.

Now, Lauren Sallan and colleague brought together have 3, 000 early fish fossils.

We found that all vertebrates, from the first jawless forms to sharks and bony fishes, originated in very restricted shallow waters hugging the coast line,” says Sallan.

He thinks man was evolved in this way.

This is just one of the infamous Darwinian just so-stories.


Joel, Lucas. 2018. Crashing waves may have spurred the evolution of backbones. New Scientist (25 October).