Friday, 21 October 2016

Rejecting the Biblical Flood Led to Wrong Explanation of Ice-Age Lakes, Nature Admits

Drumheller Channels. Image courtesy of Woofles, Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Joel Kontinen

A letter published in Nature acknowledges that rejecting the Genesis Flood was the reason why geologists came up with an incorrect explanation of ice age lakes:

When the geologist J Harlen Bretz proposed in the 1920s that the Channeled Scablands were created by a catastrophic flood, his ideas were attacked relentlessly by geologists who subscribed to the mainstream view that erosion is slow and steady, and who wanted to distance their profession from the notion of a biblical deluge.”

While Lake Missoula was an ice age and hence post-Flood event, for several decades uniformitarian scientists were unwilling to accept anything that might resemble the biblical Flood.

The tide has turned and catastrophes are no longer dismissed – they are actually welcomed, especially on Mars, where they desperately need evidence of a watery past.

Here on Earth, the evidence for a global flood is stagerring, Only blind faith enables one to miss it.


Perron, J. Taylor and Jeremy G. Venditti. 2016. Earth science: Megafloods downsized. Nature 538, 174–175.