Friday, 2 November 2018

'Oumuamua could be an Extraterrestrial Solar Sail

Kuva: ESO/M Kornmesser, nagualdesign, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Joel Kontinen

'Oumuamua could be an interstellar spacecrafts, some scientists are saying. Now, another team of them of is saying that it could be an extraterrestrial solar sail.

The study, done by Shmuel Bialy and Prof. Abraham Loeb, throws caution to the winds:

"Loeb told Universe Today, 'Oumuamua could be an active piece of alien technology that came to explore our solar system, the same way we hope to explore Alpha Centauri using Starshot and similar technologies’ ".

All indications of space life have been failures. This one could always be phantasy, not fact.


Williams, Matt. 2018. Could 'Oumuamua be an extraterrestrial solar sail? (1 November)