Tuesday, 1 October 2013

We're Created in God’s Image or We’re Bony Fishes?

A fish with a face has made headlines recently. Image courtesy of Brian Choo.

Joel Kontinen

A new discovery of a fish fossil assumed to be over 400 million years old has given rise to some interesting comments from ardent Darwinists. The fossil Entelognathus primordialis was recently published in Nature, and there seems to be no end to Darwinian storytelling:

Matt Friedman of Oxford University said: “We are a kind of very specialized, very bizarre fish that about 370 million years ago went on land and lost its fins … we're bony fishes.”

And Min Zhu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: “Entelognathus primordialis is one of the earliest, and certainly the most primitive, fossil fish that has the same jawbones as modern bony fishes and land vertebrates including ourselves.”

The fish is interesting, because it turns fish evolution upside down. In Darwinian thinking, a single fossil can re-write history.

Moreover, the fish has a face (sort of). But it takes a long – and scientifically and logically – impossible leap from a face to a man. What is needed is faith in naturalistic miracles.

Unfortunately, evolutionists do not have a miracle maker.

But we do.


Handwerk, Brian. 2013. Fish Fossil Has Oldest Known Face, May Influence Evolution National Geographic News (25 September).