Friday, 27 September 2013

Evolution – A Hypothesis That Cannot Be Tested

This is a scenario that cannot be tested scientifically. Image courtesy of José-Manuel Benito Álvarez, Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

When researchers – at least serious ones – propose a theory, they often have facts to back it up. Nowadays, however, there are some notable exceptions, such as (neo) Darwinian evolution.

It appears that Charles Darwin was not entirely objective when he first suggested that natural selection could in effect do what most people until his time believed only God could do.

Disease and death in his family, especially of his ten-year old daughter Annie, caused Darwin to turn his back on the Creator.

What about fossils? The fossils that Darwin assumed would confirm his view have not materialised, over 150 years after On the Origin of Species. The best they have are some highly debated specimens. In other words, we cannot test evolution, because there is very little to test.

No testing amounts to no theory in the scientific meaning of the word.

But there is no end to speculations.