Saturday, 24 April 2021

Frogs In Anractica


Imagate courtesy of Simon Pierre Barrette, José Grau de Puerto Montt, and Mats Wedin/Swedish Museum of Natural History, fair use doctrine.

Joel Kontinen

Can you imagine frogs in snow-covered, frigid Antarctica? A recent fossil discovery has significant implications for Earth’s climate history as well as the fossil record.

In April 2020, a Swedish paleontologist, Dr. Thomas Mörs of Stockholm’s Naturhistorika Riksmuseet (Royal Museum of Natural History), published the first report of fossilized frog bones ever found in Antarctica.

The frog was said to be 40 million years old. This study brings to mind Noah’s Flood that ravaged the Earth 4,500 years ago. Before that, Antartica was probably  non existent,. 

But they have found dinosaur bones in Canada as well as petrified forest in Antartica.


Joel Lucas, 2020,  Shows Cold-Blooded Frogs Lived on Warm Antarctica. Tthe New York Times  23 April.