Sunday, 30 September 2018

Look for Older Worlds for Finding Life

This is what astronomers hope to find.

Joel Kontinen

If alien astronomers want to search for signs on life on Earth, they might just find it in the telltale pattern reflected from our plant, from redwood forests to cacti covered plains.

This reflected fingerprint has been visible since plants first began carpeting our rocky landscape over half a billion years old.

“Now, two astronomers are suggesting that plants could leave similar fingerprint-like patterns on distant exoplanets.”

One of them is “Cornell University’s Lisa Kaltenegger, who recently described Earth’s leafy signature in a study published in the journal Astrobiology.”

Years ago, when the spacecraft the Galileo, sensed the signs of life on Earth. But Kaltenegger’s dream can only be released, if the universe is so olds she thinks.


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