Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nature: The Wings of a Seabird Are Built for Flight

The wings of seabirds are designed very elegantly and intelligently.

Joel Kontinen

Design in nature is so obvious that it is almost impossible to avoid seeing it – even in science journals that tend to prefer “Darwin only” views. Recently, Nature news discussed why penguins cannot fly. In doing so, it also disclosed teleology that is seen in birds. In other words, wings have a purpose.

Summarising research conducted by biologist Kyle Elliott at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, science writer Matt Kaplan said:

Elliott and his colleagues speculate that because the wings of a murre are still built for flight, they create drag underwater.”

Yes. Wings are built for flight. It is perhaps needless to add that they are designed very elegantly and intelligently.


Kaplan, Matt. 2013. Why penguins cannot fly. The need to swim efficiently makes seabirds poor fliers. Nature news (20 May).