Sunday, 23 September 2012

AoG Journal Does Not Take a Stand on the Age of the Earth

The latest issue of Enrichment Journal focuses on science and the Bible. It fails to take a stand on the age of this planet. Image courtesy of NASA.

Joel Kontinen

The latest issue of Enrichment Journal surveys the views Christians have of science. It includes a debate on the age of the earth, with Kurt P. Wise presenting the traditional six day creation (with twenty-four hour days), Hugh Ross the day-age view (a day as a long period of time) and Davis A. Young taking the literary framework approach.

Old-Earth views have huge theological problems, for instance they make it impossible to regard death as the wages of sin.

Dr. Wise concludes, “The old-earth position is not derived from Scripture. It is derived from science and used to distort the interpretation of the Bible. A proper exegesis of Scripture leads to a young-earth position.”

The problem with Enrichment Journal is that is regards all three views as being equally valid.


Faith and Science: Interpreting God’s Word and God’s World. Enrichment Journal