Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What Is So Special About Israel?

Joel Kontinen

No nation under the sun is like Israel. Four millennia ago, God promised Abraham a nation and a land. As the years went by, He revealed more about the future of the descendants of this man, who dared to trust in His promises.

God warned that He would scatter the Israelites if they disobeyed Him. That is exactly what happened. He also promised that He would bring them back to their own land.

The Jews did not loose their national identity or even their language permanently.

While some Jews we able to read ancient texts in Hebrew during their long Diaspora, the language had ceased to be anyone’s mother tongue. However, Eliezer Ben Yehuda (1858 –1922) revived the language and nowadays Hebrew is a living language spoken all over Israel.

The Old Testament contains tens of prophecies about Israel’s destiny. As this video shows, most of them have been fulfilled.

The take away message of Israel’s continued existence is that we can trust God’s Word.