Saturday, 3 June 2017

Wishful Thinking: Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Image courtesy of NASA.

Joel Kontinen

If life can thrive on Earth’s ocean floors, feeding on the chemicals that gush from the rocks, why not on Europa too?” New Scientist asked recently.

The assumption behind this question is that given the chance, life will appear spontaneously almost anywhere.

However, there is no evidence for this and all origin of life hypotheses have turned out to be utter failures.

Life needs more than just water.

Europa obviously has a liquid ocean beneath its arid surface and naturalists are pinning their hopes on it.

But life needs design and design needs information. They are both non-material entities.

What makes the case even worse for their hopes is that Europa looks far too young to fit into a 4.5 billion- year- old solar system.


Battersby, Stephen. 2017. Send an ear: Listening for sounds of life in the solar system. New Scientist (31 May).