Saturday, 24 July 2010

An echo of Genesis: Black parents, white baby

A few years ago, Creation magazine had an article of unusual twins

Joel Kontinen

Although Nmachi Ihegboro is just a week old, she already is a celebrity in the UK. Born to Angela and Ben Ihegboro, who are of Nigerian ancestry, the girl is blond and blue eyed. She is not an albino.

There are no known cases of ”genetic mixing” in the families of either parent. Her mother calls Nmachi a miracle baby. The father Ben Ihegboro is certain that the girl is their child.

Nmachi Ihegboro is a good example of the Genesis teaching that all people, regardless of skin colour, are relatives.

The little girl reminds us of Genesis. Adam and Eve probably had middle-brown skin, like most people even today. Their genetic makeup could produce all possible skin colours from very light to very dark in their descendants in just a few generations.

This does not have anything to do with Darwinian evolution. It is genetics that is based on Genesis.


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