Sunday, 29 January 2017

Earth Had Water at the Very Beginning, New Research Suggests

There’s water almost everywhere on Earth.

Joel Kontinen

New research published in Nature suggests that Earth had water at a very early stage.

Mario Fisher-Gödde and Thorsten Kleine at the University of Münster, Germany examined meteorites that fell in British Columbia in January 2000.

They found that the ruthenium isotopes in them did not match those found in the Earth’s mantle. This suggests that meteorites are not the earliest source of our planets water, which had to be present at the very beginning.

Just like Moses said in Genesis.

The research puts the emergence of water at 4,5 billion years – far too back in history since secular dates tend to be inflated.

We also know that Earth had a magnetic field from the beginning and that life began early.

Two other studies have also suggested that Earth was blue and had water from the beginning.


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