Sunday, 23 June 2013

Many Leading Biologists Criticize Key Aspects of Evolution, Says Leading Geneticist

Charles Darwin. Image courtesy of Wikipedia. Darwinism does not explain the origin of genetic information.

Joel Kontinen

Recently, Dr. Norman C. Nevin, one of Britain's top geneticists, said:

Many leading biologists criticize key aspects of evolution. The main problem with neo-Darwinism is the origin of new biological information. Building a living organism requires an immense amount of information. The issue that arises is the source of the information and how can random mutations and natural selection generate the necessary biological information to produce such a diversity of animal forms without antecedents.“

By saying this, Dr. Nevin endorsed Darwin's Doubt, a new book written by Dr. Stephen Meyer. The book examines the Cambrian Explosion, which is still a huge problem for Darwinian evolution.


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