Sunday, 14 October 2007

Modern-day Gnosticism

How did the dinos die?

Joel Kontinen

Colossians 2:8 originally warned against Gnosticism, which was a view basically denying the incarnation of Christ. It had a somewhat evolutionary view of the origin of everything, as its very low view of the Creator God smacks of evolutionism. In their view, the creation certainly wasn’t “very good”. The gnosis or knowledge was not true knowledge but philosophical speculation of people who claimed to have special knowledge others lacked. Today’s evolutionists, with their “just so” stories also claim to know the truth. The problem is that their “truth” for instance concerning the reason why dinosaurs became extinct, has often changed. True knowledge, in contrast, does not change.

Evolutionists have a way of changing their definitions whenever it suits there purpose. They might claim evolution means “change over time” and try verbal acrobatics with the distinction between micro and macro evolution. It might be wise to drop the e word altogether and speak about devolution instead (or adaptation or speciation if we wish to be more polite), since everything is becoming less fit. Adaptation is not evolution. The changes in the size of the beak in the Galapagos finch or the ratio of dark vs. light peppered moths do not have anything to do with evolution. It’s best to call a spade a spade.