Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earth Day And Other Current Holy Days

Many people are celebrating Earth Day today (22 April). Image courtesy of NASA.

Joel Kontinen

The past few decades have seen an influx of new holy days that are beginning to compete with our more traditional feasts. In February, many evolutionists celebrated Darwin Day. Today, New Agers and other environmentalists are observing Earth Day, and on 25th December some American free thinkers celebrate the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton.

Newton was a creationist who believed in the historicity of the book of Genesis, but free thinkers have been surprisingly quiet about this detail.

Like Darwin Day, Earth Day speaks of the human tendency to worship the creation instead of the Creator. Although God commanded Adam and Eve to take care of the Garden, He certainly did not allow them to worship it.

However, in New Age ideology that draws inspiration from Darwinian evolution people have made the Earth (written with a capital E) an object of worship.

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