Saturday, 20 December 2014

Why Christmas Is Dangerous

Joel Kontinen

While the Gospel of John is silent about the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem, it goes back in time to the very beginning of the universe.

It also discloses why some people are afraid of the Lord Jesus. He is the true Light; as they love moral darkness and shun the light, they have reason to be afraid.

Thus, some will claim that the letters C-H-R-I-S-T in Christmas cause them anxiety.

However, in Spain buses will display the Feliz Navidad sign, and there is no dispute about whose birth it refers to. Christmas evening is Noche Bueno. The good has to do with the birth of Christ. Almost every town, village, shopping centre and even hotel has its belen, featuring Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a host of other characters including shepherds, wise men, fishers and farmers.

Feliz navidad!

And remember: God’s perfect love casts away fear

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Power of the After Its Kind Principle

Joel Kontinen

Dry landscapes provide an interesting laboratory into the After Its Kind principle mentioned in Genesis.

When the weather is really dry for months or perhaps years on end, everything looks dead. However, rain does wonders to a bush that looked like it would never revive.

This happened recently on the Spanish island of Lobos in the Canary Isles. The very same kinds that had been dormant for ages were suddenly very green – like they were programmed to resume their life after a long slumber.

Each species and each kind seemed to know what kind of bush or flower it would become.
We live in a logical world. Darwinian mechanisms cannot explain reality.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas: God Gave a Lamb to Take Away Our Sins

Joel Kontinen

Throughout the Bible, a lamb symbolizes purity and our need to atone for our trespasses.

However, that is something we cannot do. God, who knows everything, knew this and so He provided a means for our atonement.

Adam’s sin brought bad things to our world. Christmas marks the time when God sent His Lamb – the Lord Jesus Christ – to the world to eventually provide the ultimate sacrifice for sin.

Without the initial trespass in Eden there would be no need for Bethlehem that was the first step towards Calvary where the Lamb of God took away our sins.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Big Dino-Age Mammal “Rewrites Early Mammalian History"

The animal probably looked like a modern groundhog (pictured above). Image courtesy of April King, Wikipedia (GNU Free Documentation License).

Joel Kontinen

According to Darwinian dogma, big mammals were not supposed to live during the heyday of the dinosaurs. However, research has shown that this is false.

Recently, scientists “unearthed in Madagascar the fossil of a remarkable creature resembling a big groundhog that lived about 66 million years ago and, at about 20 pounds (9 kg), was enormous compared to most other mammals of the Mesozoic Era.”

The researchers dubbed the animal Vintana sertichi. The first part of the name means luck in the Malagasy language.

However, when it comes to orthodox Darwinism, the find was not such as stroke of luck as they would believe as it shows that once again, their theory was wrong.


Dunham, Will. 2014. Ancient critter from Madagascar rewrites early mammalian history. Reuters (5 November).


Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Huge Genetic Gap Separates Humans and Chimps

Image courtesy of the Institute for Creation Research.

Joel Kontinen

The genetic difference between humans and chimps has been evolving, if one could use that word. However, the change has gone in the wrong direction – i.e., the gulf separating us and them has become wider and wider.

Well, perhaps it might be more honest to say that the difference has not increased but now researchers have learnt of differences they were previously unwilling to acknowledge – at least partly for ideological reasons.

Museums used to put the difference at 1–2 per cent, then it became 5 – 6, then a whopping 23 and the latest figure is around 30 per cent.

The journal Nature acknowledged that the Y chromosomes of the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and humans are horrendously different from each other”.

We share 50 per cent of our genes with bananas without being half bananas, but that is an entirely different story.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Atheists’ Dilemma: The Existence of the Good

Image courtesy of

Joel Kontinen

In a Darwinian dog-eat-dog world, there should be no incentive for anyone to be good, as it really does not matter. Atoms just keep on bumping into each other in a callous universe.

But many of us know empirically that both good and evil do exist. The ultimate explanation for this is a cosmic battle between the forces of light and the armies of darkness described in the Bible.

Atheists might try to trap Christians by invoking the existence of evil. However, they can’t explain why there is so much good, even altruism, in the world.

The Bible tells us about God who loved us so much that He was willing to become poor for our sake, and to die for us to bring us into His everlasting kingdom – if only we choose to welcome Him.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Evolutionary Logic Is Like Chasing Tails, Scientist Says

Image courtesy of John Storr, Wikipedia. Evolutionary logic is even more complicated, as in it the lion would chase its own tail.

Joel Kontinen

Zoologist Ann Gauger has for instance tested how enzymes are supposed to evolve, but she has noticed that they cannot.

In an article discussing enzyme evolution, doctor Gauger says: “If you start with the assumption that evolution is true, and view all evidence through those glasses, you won't even notice that your argument chases its tail.”

Looks like circular reasoning.

She says that since scientists agree that modern enzymes can't evolve genuinely new functions, they have to believe that things must have worked in different ways in the past. But that is an assumption that science cannot verify.

In other words, fact-free Darwinian storytelling does not merit being called science.


Ann Gauger 2014. Is Evolution True? Laying Out the Logic (December 5).