Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sir Isaac Newton Believed in the Bible’s History

Sir Isaac Newton's portrait by Godfrey Kneller (1702). Image courtesy of Wikipedia. Newton was one of the most famous creation scientists of all time.

Joel Kontinen

Michael Shermer, a well-known American skeptic, has promoted Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday (25th December) as a replacement for Christmas. The idea is somewhat odd since Newton was probably the best-known creation scientist of all times.

Newton wrote surprisingly much about the Bible. He believed that its revelation of the past history of humans and its predictions of the future were entirely reliable. He also studied the history of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern nations and concluded that both Greek and Egyptian historians had artificially stretched their history to make it appear longer than it actually was.

Ancient nations seemed to have had a competition for the longest national history. Historians could for instance invent fictive rulers in order to make the past of their own country appear longer than the history of neighbouring countries.

According to Newton, the history written in the Bible differed from the stories of other nations since it described the past reliably.


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