Friday, 27 April 2012

From Scales to Feathers: Is It Science?

The feathers of a Blue-and-Yellow Macaw. Image courtesy of Jörg Groß.

Joel Kontinen

Once upon a time, a reptile with scales was supposed to turn into a bird with feathers. This is what we are told in textbooks and popular articles on evolution.

Many evolutionists (but not all) still believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. However, there is little if any evidence for this.

Whereas scales are folds in the skin, feathers grow like hairs from a follicle. But feathers are much more wonderful in many ways. Feathers form an intricate system of barbs, barbules and tiny hooks called barbicels.

In an intriguing talk, Dr. David Menton explains how feathers differ from scales. You can access the video here.

(It’s part 3 of the video Does Biology Make Sense Without Darwin?)