Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New ”Dawkins Debate” on Video

Richard Dawkins usually avoids debates like the plague. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

For over two decades, Richard Dawkins has consistently refused to take part in debates on origins issues. This might well stem from sour memories. In 1986 he teamed with Professor John Maynard-Smith to debate professors A. E.Wilder-Smith and Edgar Andrews at Oxford University on creation-evolution.

The Darwinian duo obviously fared so badly that Dawkins had to launch an ad hominem attack against Professor A. E. Wilder-Smith and make an impassioned plea for giving zero votes to the creationists.

The audience did not agree with him, however.

Then Richard Dawkins had to face defeat on a video called ”From a Frog to a Prince”. When asked for evidence of a mutation that could increase genetic information, he searched for an answer in vain for about 17 seconds before eventually giving up and forgetting the question.

No wonder, then, that Dawkins turns down invitations to debate origins issues.

Recently, Renton Maclachlan, who runs a radio station in New Zealand focusing on creation, posted a YouTube video in which he interviewed ”Richard Dawkins”:

The video referred to this clip:


Fraudulent report at AAAS and the 1986 Oxford University debate.

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