Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Darwinian Swamp

These creatures are fond of Darwinian swamps.

Joel Kontinen

Imagine a stagnant pool with water that is ”putrid, stale, filled with disease and decaying vegetation”. This is a quote from Stephen R. Covey’s book Principle-Centered Leadership.

The swamp abounds with “crocodiles, alligators, bugs, spiders, and other animals suited to that environment” and there is nothing very pleasant about it.

Now, Covey, a leadership guru whose books have sold millions of copies throughout the world, was not speaking about evolution as such. He used the putrid swamp as an illustration of what the atmosphere of a badly-managed firm could be at worst.

But the description does apply equally well to the sordid state of science if it is left to the Darwinists. With their invented stories of vestigial organs and junk DNA, they have hampered scientific progress for 150 long years and managed to turn an oasis into a putrid swamp.

Moreover, they have fiercely resisted all attempts to let fresh water flow into their murky little pond.

Yet, without fresh water all life in and around the swamp will eventually die.


Covey, Stephen R. 1990. Principle-Centered Leadership. New York: The Free Press.


Some friends of evolution have already read this post as though every detail corresponds to reality. This is not true at all. The swamp is just a metaphor or word picture and you should not expect to find biological truths in all aspects of figurative language.

Covey did not use very scientific language in his book as the word bug would testify.