Saturday, 14 March 2009

More Details From UK Evolution Survey

New survey: Charles Darwin wrote The God Delusion? Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

Richard Dawkins was not very pleased with the results of a recent evolution survey in the UK. He lamented the scientific ignorance of the populace of Charles Darwin's homeland.

Last week the religious think tank Theos released more details of its survey of 2,060 British adults. Dawkins will probably not dance on the street in Oxford this time, either. The Faith and Darwin survey produced some interesting details, such as

- 56% believe that atheistic evolution cannot explain human descent
- 17 % believe that God created man less than 10 000 years ago
- 11 % believe in intelligent design
- 28 % believe in theistic evolution
- 37 % believe in atheistic evolution, including some Muslims
- 5 % of Muslims believe in atheistic evolution
- 40% believe that human beings are uniquely different from other living beings and have unique value and significance.
- 3 % think Charles Darwin wrote The God Delusion

However, Richard Dawkins can rest assured: Ol’ Charlie will probably not challenge the royalties Dawkins has earned from The God Delusion.


Theos News. 2009. Biggest evolution and God survey ever launched today.