Sunday, 1 March 2009

Creation Ministries International Launches New Website – and a Trailer of Its New Darwin Film

This magazine spreads to 140 countries

Joel Kontinen

Creation Ministries International, one of today’s premier apologetics ministries, has just launched a new website. Formerly part of Answers in Genesis, the ministry now headquartered in Australia has streamlined its website name. The new site is called

CMI has branch offices in Great Britain, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore. Several well-known creation scientists, such as Carl Wieland, Jonathan Sarfati, D. Russell Humphreys and Emil Silvestru work for CMI.

The name fits in well with its magazine (called Creation) and its peer reviewed science journal (called Journal of Creation) that spread throughout the world. As a subscriber, I can warmly recommend both publications.

CMI also launched a trailer of their new Darwin film that takes a critical approach to the man and his work. You can view it here.