Friday, 23 October 2015

Elephant Shrew: Tiny Living Fossil Forgot to Evolve

Black and Rufous Elephant Shrew (Rhynchocyon petersi). Image courtesy of Joey Makalintal, Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0).

Joel Kontinen

They are not shrews, and they are not big. Elephant shrews are tiny (10 – 30 cm or 5 to 15 inches long) insect eaters living in Africa.

Evolutionists believe that they have remained more or less unchanged for “30 million years.”

With the list of living fossils growing almost weekly, it is becoming difficult to keep count of the number of species that haven’t changed for aeons, i.e. that have not evolved at all.


Natur Spot. n.d. Short-eared elephant-shrew (Macroscelides proboscideus) - A "living fossil" from the Namib-desert.