Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hybrid on Irish Farm: Goat + Sheep = Geep

These are just ordinary sheep, but a geep looks much like them.

Joel Kontinen

It looks like a sheep, but it already has tiny horns. The geep, as the animal is called, was born on a farm in Ireland two weeks ago.

Not sure what a geep is? Don’t worry. I didn’t know either, before I read a recent BBC article on the offspring of a buck goat and a ewe. This tiny geep is nimble and seems to be thriving.

Hybrid animals like geeps are obviously a mystery for Darwinian evolution, but they fit in well with the Genesis-based creation model. We’ve had creatures like ligers and a grizzly - polar bear hybrid, for instance.

Sheep and goats belong to the same Genesis kind, which is a much wider concept than the biological term species. Sheep and goats actually belong to the same biblical kind, just like dogs and wolves make up one kind.


Geep: Rare 'goat-sheep' born on Irish farm. BBC news 4 April 2014.