Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Language of Rocks – and the Flood of Noah’s Day

Joel Kontinen

If rocks could speak, what would they say? Recently, in the Carrying the Creation Torch Conference at Chessington, southern London, Philip Bell, CEO of Creation Ministries International-UK/Europe gave a talk on the evidence for the Flood from fossils and geology.

The Bible describes the Flood as a unique catastrophe that destroyed the entire world. It left marks on every continent. Rock layers contain huge amounts of fossils that were buried rapidly. Ripple marks and animal tracks, even marks left by raindrops speak of the catastrophic nature of the event that left the evidence.

The rock layers are enormous, often extending for hundreds of kilometres. They were laid rapidly, with little if any time between successive layers. The evidence suggests that they were folded very quickly.

Rocks speak about a catastrophic global event.