Tuesday, 29 May 2012

“Creationist Bill” in Tennessee and Some Other Interesting Stories in Nature

Interesing claims in Nature.

Joel Kontinen

Recently, Russell Garwood, a palaeontologist at the University of Manchester, UK, wrote an opinion piece in the journal Nature. It was, in effect, a call to arms to defend evolution.

By calling the recently-passed Tennessee Academic Freedom Law a Creationist Bill, Garwood shows that he either has not seen the law text or he has been carried away by his naturalistic ideology.

Next, he takes a detour via Pakistan to comment on an Answers in Genesis article that expressed doubt about feathered dinosaurs – an approach that is not totally unheard of in secular science publications – before lamenting the fact that AIG does not regard evolutionary stasis (i.e. lack of change) for over “300 million years as evidence of evolution.

But as Garwood can only resort to purely naturalistic explanations, he has obviously failed to follow the evidence where it leads.

It does not lead to a naturalistic explanation.


Garwood, Russell. 2012. Reach out to defend evolution. Nature 485 (7398): 281.