Monday, 22 August 2011

New Fossil Discovery: Huge Dino-Era Bird

The birds that lived at the time of these dinos were not necessarily tiny.

Joel Kontinen

According to the Darwinian story, birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. For a long time, researchers have nevertheless known that at least crow-sized birds lived during the time of T. rex.

Some years ago, scientists found an ostrich-sized fossil bird called Gargantuavis philoinos in France. However, palaeontologists were not sure whether it was the only giant bird living during the dino era.

A recent fossil find shows that it was not. Darren Naish, a palaeontologist at the University of Portsmouth, and colleagues found the fossilized lower jaw of a bird in Kazakhstan. It was so big that they estimated the bird’s skull to measure 30 centimetres (12 inches).

Naish and colleagues named the bird Samrukia nessovi. Evolutionists assume that the bird lived some 80-83 million years ago and that it obviously was taller than a grown-up human being.

The researchers published their discovery in the journal Biology Letters.

Seen from the creation perspective, the discovery is interesting. According to Genesis, God created birds on day five and land animals on day six so it would not be a big surprise to hear that birds and dinosaurs were living at the same time.

The discovery has already caused some questions in the evolution camp. Their theory did not predict giant birds living at such an early date, but since (neo) Darwinism is basically a philosophical system, they will probably not let the evidence sink their ship that is already at least half-full with water.


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