Friday, 26 August 2011

Research: 5-6 Per Cent of American Atheists / Agnostics Believe the Bible is God’s Word

Some atheists /agnostics believe in this book.

Joel Kontinen

Old surveys can reveal interesting details. In an American poll conducted in November 2007, 6 per cent of atheists /agnostics said they believed that the New Testament is the Word of God. 5 per cent regarded the Old Testament as God’s Word. 5 per cent believed the same of the Torah, 4 per cent of the Koran and 3 per cent of the Book of Mormon.

2 455 adult Americans representing various worldviews took part in the HarrisInteractive poll conducted between November 7 and 13 in 2007. They were for instance asked:

To what extent do you believe the following represents the word of God?"
 The Old Testament (texts used in the Christian religion)
 The New Testament (texts used in the Christian religion)
 The Torah (the texts used in the Jewish religion)
 The Koran (texts used by Muslims)
 The Book of Mormon (texts used by Mormons)

Atheists seem to have some rather interesting views.


The Religious and Other Beliefs of Americans. HarrisInteractive. 29 November 2007.