Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Grand Canyon’s Surprise Animals.

Image courtesy of Chensiyuan, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Joel Kontinen

About 315 million years ago — long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth — an early reptile scuttled along in a strangely sideways jaunt, leaving its tiny footprints embedded in the landscape, new research finds.” This is how Science Daily introduces the animal that lived before the dinosaurs and who left their marks in the Grand Canyon.

The trackway preserved on a slab of sandstone measuring about 1 meter and 45 cm (3.2 feet long and 18 inches wide) —"contains 28 prints from the mystery animal's front and back feet.“

Actually, the Grand Canyon has also been used by creationists.

How do know reptile used the Grand Canyon so long ago? The basic of this is radiometric dating, that has frequently turned wrong.

The Grand Canyon can be used in two ways: Little, water, long ages or a lot of water, little age.


Geggel , Laura. 2018. Oldest Known Footprints in Grand Canyon Were Left by Mysterious, Sideways-Walking Reptile. Live Science 15 November.