Tuesday, 6 May 2008

If there was no global flood in Noah’s days how do we find billions of fossils in the Grand Canyon?

Nautiloid fossil. Image from Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

New Scientist is a popular science magazine. Published weekly in Great Britain, it has recently focused on educating the public about evolution. A few weeks ago the magazine's website referred to a study conducted two years ago that indicated that in Charles Darwin’s homeland only 48 per cent of all people believed in evolution.

The magazine came up with a solution: more science (i.e. evolution) education. New Scientist has thus enlightened its readers by featuring articles promoting evolution. On April 16 New Scientist run a special section on its website on the myths and misconception people have about evolution. Online editor Michael Le Page claimed for instance that the flood of Noah’s days never happened. However, he failed to provide any proof for his view.

Many enormous fossil graveyards speak volumes for a real watery catastrophe. For instance, scientists have found billions of fossilised nautiloids in the Grand Canyon. They have had to be buried really fast. Read more here.

Read more about New Scientist’s theological arguments for evolution here.


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