Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Charles Darwin “Was Not a Scientist”

Image courtesy of Leonard Darwin - Woodall 1884, public domain.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has been championed as a trail blazer, freeing the world of God’s Word. At times, some people have crossed swords with him.

The latest is Josh Greenberger’s attempt to disrobe him. He shows that Darwin was not a scientist. He shows that Darwin was neither anything that would make him an authority of live.

Darwin only succeeded in Theology: “At the age of 22, Charles Darwin received a degree in theology, of all things.”

- “Basically, his theory was based on pure imagination.”

- The fossil record, though, shows life forms appearing fully formed – a “serious” difficulty in Darwin’s eyes.

Then he brings up Gregory Mendel, who studies peas, “based his theories on extensive research and experimentation, which began in 1856.” Mendel showed that “nearly 30,000 pea plants followed over eight generations.” They did not grow into different species.

He then brings up evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski, who “cultivated 12 populations of bacteria that originated from one single Escherichia coli (E. Coli) bacterium. After more than 44,000 generations, Lenski noticed a similar pattern in all 12 populations; This experiment speaks volumes of speciation’s non-randomness.”

We might add an idea that is currently making its rounds in the scientific literature: bacteria’s password for sporulation (i.e. the idea of making spores) hasn’t changed in 2.7 billion years. It hasn’t changed hasn’t changed to way they make spores.

Greenberger proposes that Darwin made news by favouring a worldview that knows nothing of God.


Josh Greenberger. 2018. Charles Darwin Was Not a Scientist. Jewish Press (1 November).