Thursday, 8 November 2018

Bacteria Still Uses Same Password for Making Spores

Bacilli still used the same password for making spores. Image courtesy of Y tambe, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Joel Kontinen

Evolution is still not happening.

When it comes to changing their passwords, bacteria are just as bad as you and me — maybe even worse. A Carnegie Mellon University research team has found that despite 2.7 billion years of evolution, bacteria are still using the same “password” to initiate the process for making spores. Their findings were published in the September issue of PLOS Genetics.”

Astrobiology Magazine had this to say on the issue:

The Carnegie Mellon researchers, led by the Department of Biological Sciences’ Dannie Durand, used computational and experimental techniques to study how the signaling network that causes Bacilli and Clostridia to form spores has evolved since the two bacteria diverged from a common ancestor 2.7 billion years ago.”

Bacteria are very lazy to not to have evolved over more than 2 billion years. Here a list on what animals have desisted Darwin for so long.


Bacteria’s password for sporulation hasn’t changed in 2.7 billion years hasn’t changed to way they make spores. 27 September 2018. Astrobiology Magazine.