Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bill Nye: Doubting Darwin Is Disastrous!

Joel Kontinen

The behaviour of a theory’s advocates speaks volumes of the strength of a theory. In other words, if a theory is robust, it does not need angry supporters who will shout at all those who do not see its strengths.

In recent years, Darwinists have used almost everything but scientific arguments for furthering their pet theory.

This approach has obviously failed as many have already left the boat, and more are leaving.

But some have decided to stay on board and face the storms. One of them is Bill Nye, “the Science Guy”. Recently he posted a video in which he warned of the dangers of rejecting evolution.

Nye, who has a bachelor’s degree in science, says that doubting evolution is “unique to the United States.” One wonders where he gets his outdated information. In May I attended a creation conference in London. None of the speakers, most of whom had far better scientific credentials than Nye, were Americans. Creation Ministries International, one of the leading creation organisations, is actually headquartered in Australia. There are creationist organisations in most European countries. I personally know many Finnish creationists.

Nye claims that the failure to believe in evolution “holds everybody back”. He equates acceptance of Darwinism with technological development. What he fails to see is that engineers use intelligent design, a concept that evolutionists wish to ban.

Bill Nye says he wants to deny parents the choice of letting their children doubt evolution. Unfortunately, in a typically Darwinian fashion, he wants to stifle all scientific dissent.

Here’s a video that doctors David Menton and Georgia Purdom of Answers in Genesis made in response to Nye’s claims: