Monday, 6 August 2012

Over 430 Mammal Species Lived during the Dinosaur Era

Joel Kontinen

Natural history museums do not usually display mammals and birds together with dinosaurs. It is difficult for museums that are devoted to spreading the dogma of naturalistic evolution to acknowledge that, as a rule, animals tend to resist change.

At the Creation 2012 Super Conference in North Carolina, doctor Carl Werner said that he had examined the fossil collections of over 60 natural history museums and had gone to ten dig sites to see what the dino era fauna really looked like.

The result was a big surprise.

At least 432 mammal species are known to have lived during the dino era. The number is surprisingly high, as there probably only were 600 dinosaur species, which would make the era of dinosaurs a misnomer.

Doctor Werner found out that many modern species of mammals and birds (excluding the big mammals) already lived at the time of the dinosaurs. Moreover, they looked surprisingly similar to the animals that we see today. For instance, ducks, flamingos and parrots already lived at the same time as T. rex.

CMI’s Super Conference ended yesterday. Although it coincided with the London Olympics, the five-day event attracted hundreds of participants. In addition, God TV broadcasted the sessions to millions of homes.

The latest issue of Creation magazine has an article on modern birds co-existing with dinosaurs, written by Dr. Don Batten.