Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Creation Super Conference Is Now Live

Joel Kontinen

God TV is now sending the Creation Super Conference sessions live.

Yesterday evening nuclear physicist Dr. Jim Mason talked about the problems with radiometric dating. No one can be sure about the starting assumptions or the ratio of parent vs. daughter elements in a particular rock, whether there has been a loss or gain of substances, or whether the decay rate has always been stable.

Dr. Mason mentioned some “bad” dates, such as a 3.5 million year age for Mt. Ngauruhoe in New Zealand that erupted in the 1950s and a 2.8 million year for Mt. St. Helen’s lava flow in 1984.

He also discussed the presence of radiocarbon (C-14) in coal and diamonds. No C-14 should be detected in coal or diamonds over 90,00 years old. However, coal and diamonds consistently contain radiocarbon, which is a big problem for the millions of years view.

Thus, radiometric dating can give precise dates that nevertheless are precisely wrong.

In yesterday’s final talk geologist Dr. Carl Froede warned of the danger of basing our interpretations of the past on the assumptions of the non-theistic worldview.

You can watch the sessions here.