Sunday, 12 August 2012

Curiosity Rover: Evolution on Mars?

Evidence of life on the red planet? Image courtesy of NASA.

Joel Kontinen

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to find evidence for evolution on Earth, NASA has turned its attention to looking for it on the red planet.

Technically, NASA is not searching for proof of evolution, but merely for hints that there once could have been conditions on Mars that would have allowed life to appear on the planet.

The naturalistic origin of life is part and parcel of the worldview that rejects the Creator. In recent years, NASA has embraced a philosophical stance that has no place for God.

Gone are the days when astronauts were allowed to read Genesis aloud in space.

NASA’s approach is a bit odd, given that the more we have learnt about the cell, for instance, the more obvious it has become that it cannot have come about through blind Darwinian processes. The same applies to the origin of life. It is too complicated to pop up all by itself.

Information always requires a sender. Intelligent life requires an intelligent sender.


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