Sunday, 25 March 2012

Professor A. E. Wilder-Smith: ”People Believe in Evolution Because They Want to Believe In It”

Professor A. E. Wilder-Smith wrote several books that were critical of evolution.

Joel Kontinen

Evolution is scientific socialism,” Professor A. E. Wilder-Smith said in an interview on Dutch TV in the late 1970s. A socialist believes that welfare comes from nothing. Chemical evolution must also assume that something can come from nothing, although Louis Pasteur proved experimentally that it is impossible. Life does not come from non-life. Matter does not spontaneously organise itself into cells.

Biological evolution has to assume that genetic information increases through mutations. However, there is no empirical evidence of this. The evolutionist will only accept as evidence for his theory that what he wants to see, but he rejects design and creation – for ideological reasons, because he does not want to be accountable to God for his deeds.

Professor Wilder-Smith speaks of the effect of our worldview on how we interpret reality. The colour of the spectacles through which we look at reality determines what we see.

The dating of the geological column is based on circular reasoning. The column is dated with the help of fossils. And the evolutionist already “knows” that fossils are millions of years old. Round and round he goes.

Educated at Oxford and other top universities, A. E. Wilder-Smith (1915–1995) had three earned doctorates (in organic chemistry, chemotherapy and natural sciences) and he taught in many universities in several countries, so he knew well what was happening in science.

Wilder-Smith knew that the natural sciences know nothing of evolution. He said that he could not believe in what he knew to be nonsense and what was scientifically impossible.

God could not have used evolution as His method of creation. According to the Bible, the Word (Logos) made everything there is. In contrast, the materialistic approach will deny the existence of the non-material dimension.

Wilder-Smith explains that evolution implies that there are no moral truths. The history of Nazi Germany and the communist countries shows that the fruit of Darwinism are rotten.

When Professor Wilder-Smith gave his interview on Dutch TV, in many countries the Marxist view of history was assumed to be true and many thought that the Berlin Wall would never come crumbling down.