Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cave Expert Dr. Emil Silvestru Talks About Caves, Noah’s Flood and Radiometric Dating

Joel Kontinen

Emil Silvestru of Creation Ministries International – Canada is a karstologist or cave expert with a PhD in geology. In the following video clips he is interviewed by Jim Cantelon of 100 Huntley Street. He talks about caves, Noah’s flood and radiometric dating methods.

Dr. Silvestru says that science in not about the facts but about how one interprets the facts.

There is much that speaks for a global flood, such as the existence of enormous flat erosion surfaces (planation surfaces) in mountains covering huge areas, even 1 million square kilometres, the continuity of sediments (the Cococcino Sandstone, for instance, covers half a million square kilometres in North America), and massive layers of dead animals all over the world.

Dating methods are always based on assumptions, which are based on more assumptions. Dr. Silvestru mentions that carbon-14 has been found in diamonds that are assumed to be as old as 3 billion years. In 1970, an exceptionally well-preserved muskox fossil found in the Yukon Territory was C-14 dated. The muscles at the back of the head gave a date of 24, 000 years and the fur 17,000 years. He has an interesting explanation for this discrepancy.