Thursday, 2 February 2012

No Peer-Reviewed Intelligent Design Papers? Think Again

In recent years, design has made a comeback into areas once monopolised by Charles Darwin’s views. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

Darwinists often claim that there are no scientific papers that take a pro- intelligent design approach. They tend to believe that all Darwin-doubters are motivated by religious convictions and nothing else.

This view is misleading. Since 2004, the number of pro-intelligent design papers that have been published in peer-reviewed science journals and academic books is no less than 50.

The number of papers that take a creation approach is even greater:

· The Answers Research Journal has published 19 peer-reviewed papers in four years.

· The Journal of Creation has published peer-reviewed papers for 25 years.

· The Creation Research Society Quarterly has published peer-reviewed papers for 48 years.


In Time for Darwin Day, It's Our New List of Pro-ID Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers; 50th Paper Published in 2011. Evolution News and Views. 1 February 2012.