Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Long War Against God

Joel Kontinen

Mankind’s long war against God did not begin with Charles Darwin. The rebellion originated in Eden when Adam and Eve turned against their Maker.

The rebellion had tragic consequences that we still witness in the media. In addition to thorns and thistles, the Fall also had an effect on human morality. It is not only seen as wars and mass murders but also in attitudes.

Often, people chose to deny the very existence of God. Some others, like Adam and Eve, assumed that God does not mean what He clearly says (for instance, about His Word, His nature, man’s origin and marriage.)

Bad choices and bad strategies always lead to bad consequences. Melanie Phillips, an award-winning British journalist and author, has shown that in Great Britain the overemphasis on ”tolerance” has led to the trampling of Christian values and to a real discrimination of Christians.

According to Phillips, irrationalism has increased drastically in Great Britain. Homosexuals and Muslims are favoured and Christian values are despised. Anti-Semitism is increasing and is seen as rabid opposition to almost anything Israel does.

The apostle Paul says in Romans that when people begin to worship created beings instead of the Creator, the result is a huge catastrophe.


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