Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Darwinian Equation: Shark + Shark = Evolution

Image courtesy of Albert Kok, Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

When two slightly different species of sharks get offspring, the result is called evolution in action, at least in AFP’s reporting on the issue.

Their offspring are sharks. In spite of this obvious observation, the hybrid sharks seen in Australian waters are advertised as proof of Darwinian evolution.

Such hybrids are not as rare in the animal kingdom as people usually assume. It has nothing to do with evolution. It tells us that the Genesis concept of kind is much more wider than the biological term 'species'.

Thus, for instance, lions and tigers can mate and get ligers. This shows that they belong to the same Genesis kind. Polar bears and grizzly bears can also produce bears.

According to evolutionists, sharks have been sharks for over "400 million” years and they are not about to change into something else.


Coopes, Amy. 2012. World-first hybrid shark found off Australia. AFP (2 January).