Sunday, 8 January 2012

Orwellian Newspeak in New Scientist

George Orwell, the father of newspeak. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

Criticizing Darwinian evolution is an attack against science, Paul Wolpe argues in the latest issue of New Scientist in a genuine Orwellian way:

SCIENCE is under assault. In the US and throughout the world, rhetoric about evolution, stem cells, global warming and other controversial and cutting-edge technologies often transcends legitimate disagreement to challenge the work of scientists.”

However, scientific theories should not be above criticism as no one has ever succeeded in developing a theory that had no defects. And Darwinian evolution has probably more of them than any other view scientists have suggested.

In Orwellian newspeak words are given meanings that differ diametrically from their ordinary meaning.

Evolutionists often regard evolution as a synonym for science. What they tend to forget is that modern science owes its origin and existence to Christian thinking or the view that a rational Creator has created a rational world that can be studied and observed.

Since its early days, Darwinian evolution has been a very questionable idea. Many of the great pioneers of science, for instance Louis Pasteur, resisted it. However, they did not attack science but merely criticised Darwinian evolution.

Many former people's republics were fond of newspeak. They were actually totalitarian oligarchies in which the people did not have any power and they had no idea what democracy was about.

Darwinists have embraced this method wholeheartedly.


Wolpe, Paul Root. 2012. Science needs a universal symbol. New Scientist 2846: 24-25.