Monday, 30 January 2012

Are There UFOs at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea?

Clouds can at times look like flying saucers. Image courtesy of Wikipedia. (Creative Commons 3.0.)

Joel Kontinen

Recently, CNN reported on a disk-shaped object that was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden. The news initially surfaced in July 2011.

Peter Lindberg, a Swedish submarine entrepreneur, spoke about the discovery to the media. As his submarine firm needed more funds for examining the phenomenon, this might say something about Mr. Lindberg’s willingness to promote the news of his discovery.

Using sonar, Lindberg and his crew found a massive disk-shaped object with a diameter of 60 metres (180 feet) and a “tail” 400 metres (1200 feet) long. Mr Lindberg also says that they found another object some 200 metres (600 feet) from their initial discovery.

Some have said that the object is a UFO that has sunk to the bottom of the sea.

The belief in extraterrestrial life is to a great extent based on Darwinian evolution. Many believe that if life could have evolved on Earth through naturalistic processes, it could also have evolved elsewhere in the universe.

Notwithstanding many popular science fiction films, most scientists would agree that travelling from one solar system to another should in practice be impossible. Accordingly, UFOs could not hail from outer space. Most UFO sightings are probably false alarms.

Some people believe that a minority of UFO sightings have to do with Spiritism. The assumed space aliens are bringing a message that resembles new age ideology in which nature has usurped the role of God.


'It's either the Millennium Falcon or a gateway to hell': Shipwreck hunters find mysterious object at bottom of Baltic Sea. Daily Mail 29 January 2012.