Thursday, 21 November 2019

Surprise For Darwinists: Fish Can Judge Distances Just Like Land Animals

Image courtesy of Viridiflavus CC BY-SA 3.0.

Joel Kontinen

Darwinists thought that land animals are more sophisticated than fish. Now, however, tigerfish know how far they have swum. And this spell doom for the old Darwinian view of land animals being smarter than fish.

New Scientist says that, contrary of evolution’s views could also mean that “ray-finned fish, known as teleosts and which comprise 96 per cent of all freshwater and marine fish species on the planet, have a region of the brain that works like our hippocampus does.”

It could also mean “the way we navigate, and – if analogous in fish – could mean that spatial memory first evolved 400 million years ago when these fish, mammals and birds shared a common ancestor.”

So it means that the fish were human ancestors, like Richard Dawkins has said.

But that is just a Darwinian just- so story, without any evidence.


Scully, Ruby Prosser. 2019. Scully Fish can judge distances accurately just like land animals can. New Scientist (14 November).