Friday, 2 February 2018

Darwin’s Long Shadow on Vegan Activism

Sheep farmers are murderers and rapists – according to UK vegan activists.

Joel Kontinen

Vegans don’t use animal products, and they don’t want others to use they either. It not only has to do with eating meat but also with using eggs or milk-based products like yoghurt and cheese.

In the United Kingdom, vegan activists have begun to threaten farmers, calling them murderers and rapists.

We can see Charles Darwin’s long shadow on this trend, as on some other things, such as violence, wars, racism, eugenics, assisted suicide, euthanasia and abortion.

Bad trees produce bad fruit. Evolution assumes that there is no real difference between humans and animals and that we are basically naked apes.

In contrast, Christianity sees humans as created in the image of God, and as such intrinsically valuable.

This does not give us the right to mistreat animals, though, but using them does not amount to misuse.


Haque, Amber. 2018. ‘Vegans call me murderer and rapist'. BBC News. (29 January).