Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Evidence of a Great Flood in China – But Is It Noah’s Flood?

Plenty of water but perhaps not enough for Noah’s Ark. Image courtesy of Fanghong, Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Joel Kontinen

According to a Chinese legend, a devastating Yellow River flood “forced people from their homes and washed away farmland, leading to famine.”

An article in Live Science goes on to say:

Emperor Yu is said to have tamed the floodwaters by dredging the river bed. The heroic emperor went on to establish the Xia Dynasty, the first in Chinese history.”

The story has a dragon that helped the emperor to get rid of the excess water.

Researchers are beginning to think that the legend might reflect a true historical catastrophe. Live Science continues:

Now, a team of scientists has provided geological evidence for a disastrous flood that occurred around 1920 B.C., which could be the origin of the legend. The research, published today (Aug. 4) in the journal Science, reconstructed ancient events along the Yellow River — including an earthquake, a landslide and a dam burst — that led to a catastrophic flood.

Great floods have made headlines in recent days. The Ark Encounter with its huge vessel built on dry land has made some evolutionists furious, as it does not fit in with their worldview.

While there are flood legends in practically all cultures, it seems that the Chinese flood occurred after Noah’s great cataclysm, perhaps during the ice age or its aftermath.

Secular scientists have often associated the biblical flood with local catastrophes in the Mediterranean area, the Black Sea or Mesopotamia.

However, Noah’s Flood could not have been local and the ark was not a riverboat.

The historical account of the Flood is given in the Old Testament book of Genesis. In contrast, the Gilgamesh Epic reads like a legend with embellished details.

There’s no shortage of evidence for Noah’s Flood. A mega-tsunami and giant boulders, mountain gaps and fossil graveyards are among the most conspicuous relicts of the year-long devastating global catastrophe that changed the face of the earth.


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