Monday, 6 July 2015

Free Will Does Not Exist, Claims Researcher Advocating a ”Counterintuitive” Theory of Consciousness

It’s hard to get free will and consciousness from rocks.

Joel Kontinen

Most people act as thought they had free will. However, since free will is an immaterial or non-material phenomenon, it should not exist in a Darwinian world that rejects the existence of anything that is not naturalistic or materialistic.

Consciousness is another hard nut for materialists to knack. Evolution can’t explain it, so they often have to resort to science fiction.

A paper published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences is the latest attempt to tackle these two hurdles that are far too high for a purely naturalistic framework.

However, this did no stop Ezequiel Morsella, Associate Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University, and colleagues from giving it a try.

They see consciousness as being something less than consciousness. They admit that this might be counterintuitive and in that they are right. We are either conscious – or we aren’t, zombies or not-zombies.

And they probably had the free will to write their paper, as it obviously did not drop from the sky.

So, it seems that the best and healthiest way of getting rid of the cognitive dissonance that is closely associated with the denial of the supernatural is to accept the supernatural.

There is only one real source of truth. As the Lord Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”


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